XVIM (No HDD) 1080P H.264 Home Wired Security Cameras System

8CH 1080P HD DVR 8pcs 1080P 1920TVL Outdoor Indoor Waterproof Surveillance Cameras with Live Viewing 85FT Night Vision



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Question:Some posts say it does come with hard drive, some say no hard drive. if doesn't have one, can external be used? i haven't opened mine yet .Answer:I believe it depends which option you choose...with or without hard drive. To install the HD you'll need to open the DVR.By Felix on April 4, 2021Question:whats the website to see footage from the computer?Answer:It's an app. It's called XVR Pro. It has a red background with two white circles. In the right circle, it has a camera lens. You may have more questions after you install the app, so feel free to contact me if you do. I had many questions getting it setup and had to contact the company. Unfortunately, they are in China speak Chinese and take forever to answer backBy Caleb Suttle on November 19, 2019Question:Video loss especially at night how do I fix this ?Answer:You can set up additional infrared lights in the darker areas further away from the camera.By Daniel Sprout on June 18, 2021Question:Does Amazon own the company that makes these?Answer:No. Its a Chinese company.By Caleb Suttle on December 28, 2019


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