XVIM No HDD 1080P Wired Home Security Camera System 4CH CCTV DVR Recorder 4pcs Full HD 1080P Indoor Outdoor Waterproof Surveillance Cameras

Indoor Outdoor Waterproof Surveillance Cameras Night Vision, Easy Remote Access (2MP 4CH+4pcs 2MP Cameras)



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Question:Does this come with the wire to hook up or is it wireless?Answer:Long wire somewhere between 60-70 feet. I like the product. I had it hook to my phone through the app so I can see whenever I leave home need internet/WiFiBy Dominic Francis on July 15, 2019Question:Can you look at previous recordings on you phone without a hard drive?Answer:Yes under playback. It's under liveview & devices on your app menu. Select the date & view the camera you want. I think you can only view one camera at a time when viewing recorded videoBy Tadhg on January 13, 2020Question:How can I contact customer service?Answer:give them a bad review on Amazon. The store is xvim they usually will contact you because they want you to change your review. Any good revuew is paid forBy Radracr666 on August 5, 2020Question:Can i use a external hard drive instead of internal as i wouldnt know how to install a internal hard drive.Answer:Yes, you can because it doesn't come with a hard drive. I had to order one and install it myself. It simple, make sure its unplugged and the take off the cover, align the hard drive with the screw slot and secure it. Then plug in the cables provided it took me 3 minutes to complete.


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