XVIM POE Security Camera System-4PCS POE Home Security Cameras,5MP High Definition Outdoor Security Camera

8CH H.265 NVR with 3TB HDD. Easy Remote Access, Motion Detection, Night Vision, Waterproof



Product Detail


Question:Connect to pcAnswer:yes you can but you have to use internet explorer 10 -11 and download active x.Go into the settings in internet explorer and set active x security levelsto allow it to pass. There is a great tutorial on you tube to set active x.behind your router you just type in IE browser your local address EX 192.168.1.XXX and i… see moreBy Gloria Jill Sydor on August 22, 2019Question:where is my package it was supposed to be delivered today i am still waiting?Answer:If only you had some sort of camera system to make sure no one stole your package :(By B Seger on January 28, 2020Question:when is recording full 1tb it automati delete and start over recordingAnswer:yes keep rewrite over old data on drive 1tb with 4 cameras recording full timerecords about 10 daysBy Gloria Jill Sydor on November 24, 2019Question:What's the max mega pixel camera this system supports?Answer:2MP, resolution is 1080PBy Jeans on December 5, 2020


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