How to setup motion detection and email alert

Applies to: DVR-7104M, DVR-7108M

 1. Enable Motion detection: right click the mouse>sensor>motion detect

Click enable and tick the square of send email. OK to save the changes.

 2.Make sure your DVR connected with internet:

Right click the mouse>main menu>version 

 Only the Nat Status says “connected”, you DVR connected with internet successfully

3.Please log in your Gmail account.

Please tick turn on "Access for less secure apps"

 4.Please set up email in DVR setting like the picture below. If you click 'Mail testing' shows Test success, it is working.

'Smtp server' is

'Port' is 465 or 587 that follow your email setting

Enable 'Need SSL' that follow your email setting

'User Name' is your Gmail address

'Password' is your Gmail account password

'Sender' is your email address

'Receiver' can be an email that you want